A Basic Electronic Components List

Electronic components 101
Direct Components Inc. has a huge electronic components list with hundreds of brands to choose from. An electronic part is a type of device or physical item that works within an electronic system to have an effect on electrons and their associated fields. Here is a basic overview of the functions of the essential electronic components:
Light-emitting diodes
Integrated circuits

Active and passive components in electronics
Circuits can be considered electronic technically only if they have one active device at the very least. Components that are incapable of controlling currents by the means of another electric signal are deemed passive. The devices that fall in this category are resistors, inductors, capacitors, transformers, and diodes.

Passive parts explained
Passive components are those electronic components that do not need any source of energy to perform the way they need to. Here are some examples of passive components:
Resistors – These resist the electric current flow. Their resistance is measured in Ohms (Ω).

Electronic Components List

Active parts explained
Active components are devices with analog electronic filters. These filters can either amplify signals or make power gains. There are two basic active components. There are electron tubes and there are semi-conductors or solid-state items. The most common of these are integrated circuits, oscillators, and transistors.

The basic components of circuits
Electronic circuits are made of the electronic components listed above. These include resistors, capacitors, transistors, diodes, and inductors. They are connected by wires or traces that the electrical current flows through.

What are modern-day electronics made from?
Today, electronics are made using circuit boards made from Fr4 or Synthetic Resin Bonded Paper. Also called SRBP, this trademarked Paxoline or Paxolin is noted for its brown colour. Synthetic Resin Bonded Paper is cheaper and less hard-wearing than the other printed circuit board materials. Some papers are made to resist moisture more than others.

The four basic components of circuits
There are four basic parts to circuits. A simple electric circuit will contain a power source, a load, connectors and some kind of switch. The power source will provide the energy for electricity to move along the circuits while the load is the device that the circuit itself is made to power. Check out Direct Components Inc. electronics components list for our full line of products. This months featured parts are found here: http://www.directics.com/altera-fpga/ and http://www.directics.com/xilinx-fpga/. Thanks for choosing Direct Components Inc as your premier chip broker.