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Part Number: AD790KN

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Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Quantity Available: 8

Lifecycle: Obsolete


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Schedule B: 8542390000

RoHS: Not Compliant

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About The AD790KN From Analog Devices

The AD790KN is a fast precision voltage comparator from Analog Devices. The device is capable of running at 45ns, and it has a lot of useful features, it is also easy to use, making it a popular choice in the hobbyist market. The AD790 can run using a +5V single supply, or from a dual +- 15V supply.

The combination of low cost, speed, versatility and precise readings of this range means that it is ideal for general purpose use, and it is offered in high grades and specifications for military and industrial use.

AD790KN Features

When it is being run in the single supply mode, one thing that sets this device apart from competitors is that the inputs can be referred to ground. When it is being run in dual supply mode, it is capable of handling a differential voltage of up to 15V across the chip’s input terminals. Again, this is something that a lot of comparable products lack, and which makes it easier for the device to interface to dyniamic signals or large amplitude signals.


The AD790 was made using the complementary Bipolar process. This is how Analog Devices have made something with such good input resolution and a fast response time. It has a low glitch output stage, which helps to ensure accuracy at high speed, avoiding the spikes that are common with CMOS output stages and in TTL devices.

The AD790 also has controlled switching, which reduces power supply disturbances which might otherwise feed back to the input, causing oscillations and impairing the accuracy of readings. The AD790 also features latching functions. This, however, means that it would not be suitable for an application which needed synchronous operation.

There are five grades of AD790, offering different performance. The J and K are rated for operation at 0 to +70 degrees Celsius. The A and B is rated for industrial use at a wider range of temperatures, starting at -40 degrees Celsius and running to +85 degrees Celsius.

The AD790S is rated for use in military applications, at a range from -55 degrees Celsius, all the way up to +125 degrees Celsius and in compliance with the relevant military standards.

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Who Are Analog Devices?

This is an affordable processor that is popular in the hobbyist and commercial markets, and it is easy to implement in a wide range of designs. Analog Devices makes a huge range of mixed-signal processors as well as digital signal processors for a number of markets, including healthcare, automotive, military and more. They make analog to digital converters, high speed logic devices, RF and microwave devices, sensors, switches, optical and timing chips and more to suit most industries. There is a full listing of their products on their website, along with specifications and prices. Most products are purchased in bulk with expected unit quantities between 1000 and 4999, although it may be possible to purchase in different quantities if you contact their support team. They offer affordable products for a range of different industries.