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Part Number: CY7C64613128NC

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Manufacturer: Cypress Semiconductor

Quantity Available: 3158



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Learn More About Cypress Semiconductor CY7C64613-128NC

This microprocessor has a low EMI and 12-MHz crystal. The 8051 microprocessor together with the USB SI Engine makes use of the internal oscillator and PLL which develops an internal 48 MHz clock. 24 MHz is the default rate found in this system. The 8051 is the industry standard and this microprocessor is an enhanced version of it which gives it the additional functionality.

Some of the enhancements included are a second data pointer, 4 clocks for each instruction cycle operation, and an interrupt system. This also includes 256 bytes of register RAM, 3 counter timers, and 2 UARTS. The EZ-USB has it’s I/O in its external memory which is different from the usual 8051 which makes it very useful in the right circumstances.

The EZ-USB compatibility is preserved by the CY7C64613. It is able to do this by using a special function register or ‘SFR’. This means I/O access time is improved which is very helpful. When an I/O pin is toggled by the 8051 instructions, it is representative of an example and how it is done.

The XDATA memory is made up of an internal 8 KB RAM. In a typical situation the RAM would be downloaded by the USB cable and then followed by the 8051 processing the downloaded code. This allows the CY7C64613 its operation feature which allows it to have permanent memory with out the need for Flash memory or ROM.

Because the code is loaded from the PC updates, it can easily be done in the field with no need to change the memory device. The 8051 can be used as a stand-alone version with no need of a USB connect when loaded from the EEPROM and connected to the 12C bus. The 128 pin allows for glueless connection to the external memory device.

The 52 and the 80 pin packs leave a smaller footprint and are cost-effective when used for certain designs. They do not, however, have any external access to the 8051 buses. This enhanced version offers unique qualities that are highly functional for certain uses.