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Part Number: GDPXA255A0E200

Link to Datasheet

Manufacturer: Marvell Semiconductor

Quantity Available: 4

Lifecycle: Obsolete


Package Description: Plastic Ball Grid Array

Pin Count: 256

Mounting Type: Surface Mount

ECCN: 3A991.a.2

Schedule B: 8542310000

RoHS: Unknown

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Intel Model GDPXA255A0E200

This PXA255 processor gives very high integration and high performance, but also manages to use less power than other processors in this class. It is used for portable devices, such as handsets and handhelds. These processors make use of Intel® XScale Microarchitecture, which is built off of ARM* V5TE architecture. You can refer to the design specifications for Intel® XScale™

Microarchitecture and see the Intel® PXA250 User’s and Owner’s Manual for more about implementation details. Information about the available extensions and options used by XScale microarchitecture can also be found in this documentation.

The memory interface for this processor can support a wide variety of memory types. This allows for flexibility in design requirements. Glueless connections to external devices are made possible by the provided hooks, which can be connected to up to two additional companion chips. The integrated LCD controller will support displays, as well as permit 1, 2, or 4-bit grayscale. The LCD screen even supports 8- and 16-bit color pixel displays, and the 256-byte palette RAM makes flexible color maps possible.

Additional Features of this Product

A High Performance Processor

  • Uses Intel® XScale™ Microarchitecture
  • Contains a 32KB Instruction Cache and a 32KB Data Cache for storage
  • Additional 2KB “miniature” Data Cache
  • Extensive Data Buffering Capabilities

Intel® Media Processing

  • Advanced 16-bit Multiply with 40 bit Accumulator

Flexible Clocking

  • A CPU clock ranging 100 up to 400 MHz with flexible clock ratios and frequency changing modes

Serial Peripheral Set

  • An AC97 Audio Port with I2S Audio Port
  • Available USB Client Controller
  • High-Speed UART and 2nd UART providing hardware flow control
  • Both FIR and SIR comm ports (infrared)

Low Power Usage

  • Below 500 mW Internal Dissipation during typical use
  • Supply Voltages can be as low as 1.00 V
  • Even lower usage during sleep/low power mode
  • Both FIR and SIR comm ports (infrared)

High-Performance Memory Controllers

  • Up to 100 MHz with 4 Banks SDRAM
  • 5 Static Chip Options
  • Supports Compact Flash and PCMCIA
  • Additional Companion Chip interface provided

Additional Peripherals provide for connectivity

  • MMC (Multimedia Card Controller) and SSP
  • Network SSP for base band control
  • I2C Controller
  • 2 PWM (Pulse Width Modulator)
  • Every peripheral pin doubles as a GPIO