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Part Number: UPSD3233B-40T6

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Brief Overview

The uPSD32xx Series offers the speed of the 8051-based microcontroller, combined with a programmable logic, flexible structure and a wide array of peripherals, thus being the ultimate embedded controller. In its very essence, it is an industry-standard 8032 MCU working up to 40MHz.

Thanks to its JTAG serial interface, this controller is suitable for both manufacturing and lab development work. The USB 1.1 interface suits HID class drivers, thanks to its Control endpoint and to its two Interrupt points.

The Programmable System Device architecture is designed to optimize the memory structure. Each of the two independent banks of Flash memory can be placed at any address within the 8032 limits, and easily paged, thanks to the on-chip programmable decode logic. Dual Flash memory banks are the perfect solution for In-Application Programming (IAP) remote product updates. In addition, Dual Flash memory supports EEPROM emulation, thus being able to operate without external EEPROM chips.

The built-in PLD (general purpose programmable logic) enables the construction of unlimited varieties of glue-logic, saving external logic devices. The PLD is easily configurable via its software tool, PSD-soft Express. This program is available for free download at

Last but not least, the uPSD32xx includes also a low-voltage reset ability and a programmable watchdog timer among other useful supervisor functions.

Main Features Summary

  • Fast 8-bit 8032 MCU
  • Work frequency: 40MHz at 5.0V and 24MHz at 3.3V
  • Core, each instruction featuring 12-clocks

Dual Flash Memory With Management Capabilities

  • Either memory can be placed into 8032 program or data address space
  • EEPROM Emulation and In-Application Programming are possible thanks to the read-while-write capability
  • Single voltage program and erase
  • 100 minimum erase cycles are available, with a 15-year retention

Clock, Reset And Supply Management

  • SRAM supports Battery Backup
  • Three operating modes: normal, idle and power down
  • Power-on and low voltage reset capabilities
  • Programmable watchdog timer

Programmable Logic, General Scope

  • 16 macrocells
  • Able to implement state machines and glue-logic among other similar functions

Communication Interfaces

  • Low Speed USB 1.1, with 3 endpoints
  • Master/Slave Bus controller – 2 pieces
  • UARTs with independent baud rate – 2 pieces
  • I/O ports featuring up to 46 I/O pins – 6 pieces
  • 8032 Address/Data bus, TQFP80 package
  • PWM outputs, 8-bit resolution – 5 pieces

JTAG In-System Programming

  • The entire device is programmable in no more than 10 seconds. This enables for better work efficiency and productivity, being therefore one of the most preferred solution of experts.