Xilinx Spartan 6

The cost savings of the Spartan line do not end at the purchase price of the FPGA itself. Costs are fully realized throughout the design process. Use of the world class and widely adopted Vivado design suite allows for rapid programming development, saving development costs through man-hours, as well as allowing you to reach the market first, beating the competition with an on-time delivery of what the market is demanding. Using building blocks of developed code, you can be assured of more rapid programming as well as fewer errors to be found in the verification cycle. Sharing a common set of building blocks for development also allows for maximum support from the development community.

The introduction of the XADC to the Spartan FPGA line also features additional analog mixed signal capabilities. This allows you to save costs on the BOM of your full systems, as features previously requiring additional components can now be handled directly with the Spartan line of FPGAs. This BOM reduction doesn’t just reduce cost, however. It comes with the side benefit of lowering your exposure to risk. Fewer components mean fewer EOL issues, sourcing concerns, and risk of bad components. Check out http://www.directics.com/

Whether your primary needs are for reduced cost or increased performance for a power consumption, the Xilinx Spartan line might be the right fit. Reduced development time, better support, and the ability to reduce peripheral components in the system will all ensure that your product meets your cost, time, and power requirements for your next design. Consider joining the major tech manufacturers and see what the Spartan line has to offer you.

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