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Part Number: EPM9560ARC208-10

Link to Datasheet

Manufacturer: Altera

Quantity Available: 2612

Lifecycle: NRND

MSL: 3

Package Description:

Pin Count: 208

Mounting Type: Surface Mount

ECCN: 3A991

Schedule B: 8542390000

RoHS: Not Compliant

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Searching for Altera Part Numbers Just Got Easier

Whether you need a replacement chip to repair an old piece of business hardware or a development board to help you create something new, finding the right part numbers can pose a huge challenge. With modern programmable logic devices housing millions of gates and unique functional features, your ability to get the correct parts can make or break your otherwise promising project.

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Why Work With Altera Parts?

Altera's history dates back to the mid-1980s when it began selling its first PLDs. Today, the firm is an Intel subsidiary — The IC maker established itself as a leader in programmable logic hardware with a 30-year track record of successful in-house development, so it made perfect sense when the companies decided to merge.

Altera parts include a range of highly reviewed devices, including
  • High bandwidth field programmable gate arrays, or FPGAs, such as those in the popular Stratix, Arria and Cyclone product lines,
  • System-on-chip, or SoC, components including FPGAs and low-noise power management hardware and
  • Application-specific integrated circuits, or ASICs, that often evolved from FPGA prototypes.

One of the keys to the success of the Altera part ecosystem is that the company doesn't just make hardware. Using Altera Quartus software, engineers can easily analyze and synthesize hardware description language, or HDL, designs using their choice of Altera Hardware Description Language, VHDL or Verilog.

Working with Altera components may also make it more likely that you'll be able to keep your hardware relevant as time and technology progress. For instance, the company was the first to release a 40-nm PLD in 2008, and it's been at the cutting edge of miniaturization ever since — Since Altera makes it easy to design and prototype with a massive library of hardware, you have plenty of options for conceptualizing and deploying new devices.

The Challenges of Altera Hardware

All good practices have their downsides, and using Altera parts is no different. As with anything popular, the company has attracted countless imitators. These bad actors have flooded the digital marketplace with confusingly similar fakes whose designations often mimic valid Altera part numbers.

Whether they do so unwittingly or in an attempt to save money, those who use counterfeit parts run the risk of seeing their projects come to ruin. You get what you pay for, and if you're not willing to seek out quality Altera hardware that comes from the source, then you shouldn't be surprised if it doesn't perform as expected.

A Better Way to Acquire Mission-critical Altera Components

Direct is on your side. We empower anyone to find exact matches for the part numbers they require — and learn as much as possible about the components in question.

Every Altera IC You Need in One Place

Our catalog includes more than 50 million parts that are obsolete or nearly impossible to locate elsewhere. All you have to do is type in a part number, such as EPM9560ARC208-10, to find a variety of potential matches along with specific package, lifecycle and availability details about each.

Accuracy That You Can Depend On

There's no room for guesswork in the world of device prototyping, so we've made the acquisition process as straightforward as possible. Each listing includes links to datasheet information as well — no more scouring the web for product literature only to find a not-quite-exact match.

Testing That Goes Above and Beyond

We perform exhaustive product verification tests to make sure that no matter whether you're ordering a legacy EPM9560ARC208-10 or a newly released component, you can plug and play without worrying. In addition to verifying pins, running functional benchmarks and performing solderability tests, our team decaps hardware to confirm that the dies match authentic Altera designs. We also X-ray chips to weed out fakes and ensure RoHS compliance via XRF testing.

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When you need to match Altera part numbers without second-guessing, Direct is your first and last stop for quality hardware. Start building something amazing by searching the catalog or getting in touch with one of our purchasing agents.