The Artix-7, like all of the Xilinx FPGAs, also benefits from an accelerated design and verification effort. The best in the industry Vivado design suite allows for very rapid development of your product. A wide user base and excellent community experience with all of the Artix7 line has allowed for a great deal of programming building blocks that you can draw from to accelerate your design efforts. Whether you are designing a media access controller or an LTE radio, building blocks of code already exist to help you eliminate entire portions of your development. Encryption and decoding is another area with a great wealth of resources already available for implementation. For video applications, H.264 and many other encoding can be implemented from the IP database available for this line.
The line also benefits from a wide range of development boards and kits available. This line can be coded in either C-based programming or with the plug-and-play building blocks available. Reducing time of development not only directly reduces the development costs, but it also allows you to go to market with your new product sooner, giving a potential massive advantage to your product.

Whether you are designing battery powered RF transceivers or medical devices, the Artix7 line may be for you. With the best in class performance per watt, it is sure to be a great fit for any power sensitive applications that you may have.

artix 7

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