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New Product: The Arty S7

Recently,  Xilinx came up with their new cost optimized product line named Xilinx Artix7. The Arty S7 board features the new Xilinx Spartan-7 FPGA and is the latest member of the Arty FPGA development board family. It has been developed using the latest technologies keeping cost, size and performance in mind and is also compatible with Vivado Design Suite.

Arty S7

Putting this FPGA in the Arty form factor provides with a wide variety of I/O and expansion options. It enables a quick and easy jump start for embedded applications ranging from compute-intensive Linux based systems to light-weight microcontroller applications.

It features the new Spartan 7 FPGA from Xilinx plus a modest set of peripherals including four switches, four buttons, four LEDs, one RGB LED, a reset button and USB. The Spartan 7 solves the problem, and includes focus on power consumption.

Arty S7

We will be releasing two FPGA variants for the Arty S7. Today the, the Arty S7-50 is available, but later in the year we will release the Arty S7-25.

Variant Arty S7-25 * later 2017 Arty S7-50 **Now
FPGA part XC7S25-CSGA324 XC7S50-CSGA324
1 MSPS On-chip ADC Yes Yes
Logic Cells 23,360 52,160
Slices 3,650 8,150
Flip-flops 29,200 65,200
Block RAM (Kbits) 1,620 2,700
Clock Management Tiles 3 5
DSP Slices 80 120
Internal Clock Speed 450MHz +
On board ADC Yes (XADC)
Programmable over JTAG/QSPI Yes



So in the event that you are centered keeping minimal expenses with respect to both on component and manufacturing, we figure you may truly appreciate the Arty S7 as an answer. In the event that you are searching for some project inspiration, look at our Applied Arty Project Post where we profile what community members have been making with Arty until now.



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