Competition is fierce in the world of business, that’s why having the right skills to succeed is vital. Whether you are a business veteran with years of experience under your belt, or a novice just getting started, mastering the following five skills will give you a leg up on your competition. Additionally, they will make you a star employee, supervisor, or business owner that will tackle even the most daunting challenges with ease. Or, at least make it appear that way. Without further ado:




Just about every facet of business involves some type of negotiation. From purchasing parts to discussing terms of a new employee’s salary, negotiation cannot be avoided. Keep in mind, not everyone will become a superstar negotiator, but a little research on the subject can help you get a handle on this important skill. Also, don’t be afraid to ask someone who has mastered the art of negotiation for a few pointers. Bending the ear of an expert usually yields great results.




Communication is paramount not only in business but in life. Breakdowns in communication can cost you money, business relationships, and even employees. To become a better communicator, work on your listening skills. Engage with whomever you are speaking with and pay attention to each detail. Furthermore, if you want to improve your communication skills, you need to ask for feedback. It’s not always pleasant to hear the truth about your abilities, but becoming a good communicator is too important to leave to chance.




You can’t do it all, so entrusting others to help you complete a project is a must. This might be the toughest skill to master for some, because giving up an important task can feel a bit painful. No worries though, you are surrounded by awesome coworkers and employees that can not only help you complete your project but do it with adeptness and skill. Trust others and, they in turn will trust you.




Every company needs leadership. When a business lacks a solid leader, it shows in morale and performance. How can you become a better leader? Well, first be passionate about your work. No one will follow a leader who appears bored and disengaged. Also, roll up your sleeves when necessary to get the job done. Even the loftiest leaders need to show the willingness to complete any task.  Finally, inspire your coworkers or employees. Be a positive force who helps get the best out of others.


Time Management


If you find yourself asking the question “Where did the time go?” regularly, then you need to work on your time management skills. In most cases when the hourglass runs out, it’s not because you lack time, it’s because you lack planning. One of the best ways to rein in time, is to create a schedule. A schedule allows you to visually see your day and properly prioritize tasks and appointments. When you have a plan in place, issues like procrastination and time-wasting tend to fade away.


The good news about all five of these skills, they can be improved over time. Begin today and in the coming weeks, months, and years, you’ll notice that you’ve become a business rock star.

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