Counterfeit Mitigation

Direct Components, Inc. understands the growing concern to the increasing volume of counterfeit parts entering the supply chain. We are continuously enhancing our quality management system and procedures to combat this problem and mitigate the risk of buying, receiving, and selling fraudulent/counterfeit electronic parts. 

Direct Components, Inc. is currently certified to a comprehensive quality management system AS9120:2016
Counterfeit avoidance & mitigation is integrated into and part of our Quality Management System and our processes.
Direct Components maintains a register of Approved Suppliers. Criteria for selection, evaluation and re-evaluation are established. When a new source is used Direct Components has an approval process that ensures compliance with our Supplier Handbook, Quality Standards, and the terms and conditions of our Purchase Order. Direct Components requires all Suppliers to acknowledge and confirm the understanding of requirements, customer flow down requirements, applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, and purchase order terms upon acceptance of a purchase order.

Direct Components uses our In-House Lab where we provide a variety of value added services, including counterfeit detection. All materials received are inspected to verify conformance to the Customer and Manufacturer specifications using some of the methods described in IDEA Standard 1010B.

Capabilities include: • Documentation and Packaging • External Visual Inspection• Remarking and Resurfacing (destructive) • Solvent Test for Remarking • Electrical Testing • Programming Testing • Radiological (X-Ray) Inspection • Solderability testing • Delid/Decapsulation Internal Analysis (destructive).