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Your #1 Source for Obscure Electronic Components Online

We make it easy to find those hard-to-find components you’re after

Direct Components Inc is the web’s #1 online electronic components store. Shop now and choose from over 50 million obsolete and hard to find parts delivered straight to your door.

We’ve built our business on finding the parts that others can’t.

Our online catalog is LOADED with everything industrial, commercial, and DIY customers need and it’s all just a few clicks away.

If you’re looking for integrated circuits, semiconductors, extra memory, microprocessors, transistors, diodes, connectors, capacitors, LEDs or any other circuit board components, just type the product number, click the part you need, and it will be on its way to your shop.

If it’s been difficult for you to find parts, you’re struggling with long lead times, or you are constantly worried about quality, we can solve all of those issues for you. For 20 years, we have helped manufacturers and commercial companies get the parts they need when nobody else could.

Easy to find. All of the biggest names. Always on time. Guaranteed.

If you're looking for any Xilinx FPGA parts or boards, don't look past Direct Components Inc

Who Are We?

We are the web’s leading provider of circuit board components. We stock more products than the competition and can get them to you as fast possible via our global network. Direct Components Inc. serves as the central node of distribution for the world’s leading manufacturers.

Anyone who has worked in IT, manufacturing, and heavy industry knows that specialized equipment calls for specialized components. And general online components dealers don’t normally carry everything you need, and they certainly don’t have the global network to find it for you.

We connect the world’s manufacturing and tech industries with the parts they need when they need them at fair prices.

Direct Components Inc supplies the best electrical components and parts for the fairest prices

Direct Components Inc.:
Serving the World’s Manufacturing Industry

Direct Components Inc. is a broadline stocking distributor of active and passive components that provides parts and hardware to a broad range of industries.

For two decades we have helped original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), repair companies, contract manufacturers, and the aerospace and defense industries maintain their high performance levels by providing high-quality parts at unbeatable prices.

Top Quality Active and Passive Parts

We’re sure you know that active parts need to be powered in some way, and passive ones are incapable of controlling current by means of another electrical signal!

We’re also sure that you know how tough it is to find a store that stocks high-quality components in both categories. Direct Components Inc. specializes in both!

So whether you need a transistor or integrated circuit, or if you need someone that specializes in resistors or transformers, you've found the right place to shop.

Direct Components Inc only supplies the best electrical components to ensure satisfaction

Why Shop at Direct Components Inc.?

There are plenty of online electronic components dealers, but there’s only Direct Components Inc. Most competitors are general stores stocking generic components for everyday use.

We are a specialized store for professionals in need of top of the line or obscure circuit board components.

There are a few things that separate us from the competition:

Stop Wasting Days Looking for Spare Parts

Special connectors, rare displays, integrated circuits that are no longer manufactured—trying to track down these parts is a pain, let alone at an affordable price. At Direct Components Inc., we stock millions of rare parts from quality dealers all in once place so you don’t have to. In just a few clicks, it will be on its way to you.

If We Don’t Have it, We Will Find it

If for some reason it isn’t in stock, we will use our vast global network of vetted manufacturers and retailers to track it down and get it for you. Instead of pouring over catalogs, making phone calls, or searching Google, you can leave it all to us. You will have a fast and fair quote nearly instantly.

Never Worry About Quality

Our top priority is customer satisfaction. We have an in-house lab that enforces stringent criteria on every part we stock. We utilize spec inspection, electrical and functional testing, X-ray analysis, XRF testing, and much more to ensure the quality of everything we sell.

Names You Can Trust

We are a specialized service dealing in top of the line products, so you never have to worry about quality. We feature all of the biggest brands—Altera, Intel, Samsung, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Altech, Diodes Incorporated—and hundreds more.

Our Mission: to be the Fastest and Easiest Way to Get Parts Online

Our mission is simple: to make it easier than ever before for companies to get the obscure parts they need as quickly and conveniently as possible, and at a price that can’t be beat.

We are a valuable resource to our customers in so many ways:

  • Unrivaled Convenience

    Everything in our shop is just a few clicks away.

  • Our Network of Trusted Suppliers

    We have spent 20 years building a network of suppliers that we know and trust. We only work with suppliers who take their business as seriously as we do.

  • Global Connections

    Our worldwide distribution network has allowed us to support the supply chains of our customers unlike any other company. We are able to locate, procure, quote, and ship in record times.

  • Exclusive Relationships

    We have cultivated relationships that allow us to get unbeatable prices.

  • Specialization

    We have access to millions of components but specialize in those most important to our clientele. We are the dealer of choice for transistors, resistors, relays, integrated circuits, and more.

Our end goal is to pass along these savings and advantages to the thousands of customers worldwide that trust Direct Components Inc. to support their supply chain.

If you’re struggling to keep up with lead times, unable to find obsolete parts, tired of poor quality components leading to service quality issues, or struggling with a shortage, then give us a try.

There’s nothing we like more than a good challenge. Our two decades of success is built on our continuous desire to improve our services and business model, our commitment to quality, and the unrivaled selection and convenience that we offer.

If you’re looking for the best place online to shop for electronic circuit board components, then you’ve found the right place. Feel free to browse our catalog today.

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