Find a counterfeit part

When you find a counterfeit part you’re naturally going to be very angry. You are going to be angry because you spent your hard-earned money on something that you expected to be authentic. When you are hit with the reality that you have bought a part that is not made by the set manufacturer you have to decide what you’re going to do next. There are many different ways that you can go to try and resolve this issue. Some of them are easier than the other and some will give you much better results.

Some people will respond emotionally and trust us that is not the approach that you want to take. Instead you want to take time to think this issue over. You want to make sure that you make the best decision, the best decision is typically one that will allow you to reach the greatest possible outcome. Getting emotional and angry will not allow you to achieve this. It is okay to address the company you bought this part from with your anger but do it in a very professional and responsible manner.

The very first thing that I would do is to get my receipt of purchase because I want to prove that I have bought this part from that company. The second thing that I would do is to take screenshots of the product on their website and how it is marketed towards customers. This gives you proof that there was some sort of false advertisement or mixed up that lead to you receiving a counterfeit part. This also will help you if you have to end up in any type of legal case because of this. So, the very first step is always to get your documentation of proof and what was advertised to you.

Take all of the documentation that you have created and send the company that you bought this part from showing them the false advertisement, the counterfeit part that you got and the receipt that you receive for making this purchase. You also want to write in this email or message that you want this problem to be remedied. When it comes to stating your demands it really depends on how you feel about that company at the moment. This will determine which direction you will end up going.

What should you ask for when you receive a counterfeit part? As we talk about in the other paragraph what you demand is really going to be determined by how you feel about that company. Oh trust with that company might have been broken when they sent you a counterfeit part so you might not want to receive any type of replacement from them at all. You might instead simply ask for your money back. To get your money back you might need to return the product for them and wait for them to go through their process of accepting your return.

Some companies might have very strict return policies and might have a no return policy. When this happens, and you receive the counterfeit part from them you might have to involve a lawyer. Your case might be more than one and one about a return but what about false advertisement and you might have to be engaged in a lawsuit against them. Most companies will not take it this far and will simply give you your money back. They don’t want the negative publicity of being sued for giving you a counterfeit part. But be willing to go all the way because these companies need to learn a lesson.

Receiving a counterfeit part from a reputable company is very rare so typically it is not a quality company that will have counterfeit parts at all. This is why the number one thing you need to do as a consumer is to only do business with those companies who have a very good reputation in the business. Knowing if the company is worth your time and money is the most important thing in the best way to find out this information is by reading reviews and ratings about a company to see what their past customers have to say about them. The experiences of past customers are likely to be the type of experience that you will receive as well so it really is the best source of information. So always be careful who you spend your money with and always do your homework about them. A little bit of prevention can save you a lot of heart ache. It can also save you a lot of money in the long run. To take a little bit of time to research these companies before you give them your hard-earned money.

So really it is all about doing your due diligence. Even when it comes to dealing with the return process and making a demand when you have received a counterfeit part. But do realize that if you are dealing with companies from overseas it can be a lot more difficult to get your money back or to even bring the law into action. This is why when you do business with companies overseas you need to find dozens of reviews from customers who have bought from them who are happy with their products because often times there’s little bit you can do when you receive a counterfeit part from one of these companies.

Hopefully this article has given you the information that you need to prevent you from ever receiving a counterfeit part. But if you do receive a counterfeit part hopefully the information within this article will give you some ideas of how you should go about the process of returning that part and getting your money back from that company that sold you something that was not what you were looking for. So, use this information wisely and it will serve you very well. Good luck to you and all your future purchases.

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