The Microprocessor is used everywhere in today’s technology. From car emissions to your personal computer, they are all powered by microprocessors. But the very different applications of each of these devices require different choices of chips be made by the designer. We carry microprocessors for all different applications and hope to help you in selecting the right product for your needs.

Over the decades, microprocessors have developed from the original low bit depth chips of the early development to as high as 64 bit processors. Some modern chips even have multiple processor cores within one microprocessor. However, there is still a demand for low bit depth microprocessors. For example, in battery operated small embedded devices with a demand for only low powered computing, proper selection of a low bit depth microprocessor will greatly increase battery life. For more high powered requirements, or for applications where power consumption is not critical, a higher bit depth microprocessor may be more appropriate.

Choosing a Right Microprocessor

Chips are also now offered in a wide range of architectures, with chip geometries now available as small as 28nm. Check out the GDPXA255A0E200 or the UPSD3233B-40T6. While these new architectures have advantages for certain applications, they may be inappropriate for other cases. These new architectures offer advantages such as reduced power consumption for given computer power, the ability to build additional cores into a single chip, and a smaller form factor on the board. While these selection criteria may be important for the design of a small handheld computer, they would be inappropriate for an automotive CAN based braking controller. Their additional power would not be required in this case, and a better selection would be a more robust and simpler microprocessor for this application.

microprocessor small
microprocessor chip

Specialized Microprocessors

When selecting a microprocessor, attention must also be paid to the overall system cost, not just the cost of the microprocessor itself. Microprocessors require different levels of complexities for the board itself, which can drive additional cost into the board, or aid in reducing cost. For cost sensitive applications, a microprocessor that allows fewer layers to be used on the board can greatly aid in reducing overall system costs. https://www.directics.com/altera-fpga/

Specialized microprocessors are also available for specific applications. One of the earliest forms of these specialized microprocessors is the GPU, or graphics processing unit. A specialized version of a microprocessor, these excel at processing video files and outputting to a display. More recently, novel versions of microprocessors have also emerged. For example, specialized processors have been developed to aid in the use of machine vision. Guidance and visual recognition systems can be more easily and cheaply developed using these specialized chips, cutting out much of the development time and cost. https://www.directics.com/xilinx-fpga/

With security concerns in many applications, chips are also available to mitigate many of these concerns. Some chips are available with internal memory, removing one possible pathway to stealing information. Also available are encryption techniques, to allow the secure use of external memory. These encryption schemes prevent the flow of data between the processor and the external memory from being recorded and used to analyze and steal sensitive intellectual property. Your control algorithms or other methods will remain your control algorithms.

Whether you are creating an internet device with a multi core 64 bit processor, handheld digital controller with low power draw, or other small computing device, we can help you to source the microprocessor you need. Our quality team will ensure that you get prompt and reliable sourcing of quality parts. Work with a company you can trust for all of your microprocessor needs. Let us become a one-stop-shop as you choose your microprocessor, also helping you to source your needed peripherals, compilers, and interconnects.

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