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Are you looking for wholesale electronics for circuit boards? How about obsolete or otherwise hard-to-find components that nobody seems to carry anymore? Then you’ve come to the right store. Direct Components Inc. is the web’s #1 source for wholesale electronic components at unbeatable prices. Our worldwide network and lightning-fast shipping eliminates the middleman and puts those hard-to-find parts right in your hands faster than any other method. Instead of manually checking catalogs of millions of parts, just use our fast search tool to locate exactly the part you need, and we’ll have it to you in no time.

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Top quality components. Always on time. Satisfaction guaranteed.

At, we make it incredibly easy to find those hard-to-find components your company needs to stay in business. Our stock of over 50 million niche components, a worldwide network of industry connections, and unrivaled delivery service makes us the web’s #1 emporium for electronic components wholesale.

Our reputation has been built on finding parts that others simply can’t.

For two decades, we have been helping partners in the industrial, military, IT, and aerospace industries keep their old equipment running like new by slashing acquisition costs and delivery periods.

Our goal is to connect industries with the parts they need to stay in business at prices they can afford.

Still on Hold with the Manufacturer’s Support?

It’s a familiar story in this business:

You make a heavy investment in equipment that is quickly phased out by the original equipment manufacturer. Technology moves at the speed of light these days. But being a savvy business, you know there’s no reason to get rid of perfectly good equipment and sink your investment.

The problem is that the manufacturer will no longer support your equipment or stock components. This leads to hours on the line with customer support and even more work searching through online catalogs or asking around the industry.

That’s why thousands of business are turning to online electronic components wholesalers to save time, money, and stress, and to locate the exact parts they need.

If you’re still searching for parts the old fashioned way, you’re wasting precious time. Here’s how Direct Components Inc. solves those issues.

Genuine Altera FPGA Parts For Sale Wholesale Electronic Components for Circuit Boards AND MORE

We are the web’s leading destination for integrated circuits, semiconductors, memory, microprocessors, transistors, and diodes. There are a few things that separate us from the competition:

Find Everything you Need in One Directory: When we say we are the leading purveyor of wholesale components, we mean it. We have over 50 MILLION products in stock ready to ship instantly to anywhere in the world. Nobody even comes close to the number of components we’ve got access too. And those are just the products that we have on hand. We are always on the lookout for more.

If We Don’t Have it, We Will Find it: Over the last 20 years, we have cultivated industry relationships that give us exclusive access to parts around the world. There is nothing we can’t find. Our directory is massive, but even if we don’t have a part, we can find it for you in no time.
You’ll Know Exactly How Much Your Order Costs: Our quotes are fast and accurate, so you’ll never play guessing games with your budget. As soon as you submit a request, we will process the quote and get back to you as soon as possible.
Don’t Waste Time Searching Directories Again: Manually searching online directories is as tedious as calling customer support or going through a catalog. Our search function has made it easier than ever before to get the parts you need at low prices. Just type the number into the search bar (for example, Am29F032B-75EF), and let our search tool do the rest. You will instantly be taken to the part you need along with its specs and description.

Never Worry About Quality: Above all else, we pride ourselves on quality. No other company puts as much into its quality control as we do. Our in-house lab allows us to run tests that others can’t. When you purchase from us, you can rest assured that your components have gone through rigorous testing.

All of the Biggest Brands: You don’t have to talk to the brands themselves to get exclusive access to their parts. We have all of the most popular and highest quality brands in stock, including Texas Instruments, Altera, Cyprus, Micron, and Samsung. If they are a big name in the business, we’ve built a relationship with them.

Rigorously Tested Quality

Like we said before, no other company shows the dedication to quality that we do here at With our in-house lab, we are capable of ensuring satisfaction and providing the highest quality components. Before any component is even listed, it has run the gamut of testing. Nothing makes it into your hands unless it performs like new.

Here are a few of the tests we run:

1. Detailed Spec Inspection: Using our lab equipment, we examine the specs of every component down to the minute details.

2. X-Ray Analysis: We utilize the TruView Prime X-ray inspection system to ensure that all of our semiconductors meet the most stringent of requirements.

3. Die Verification: Our lab runs comprehensive die testing to ensure the parts aren’t counterfeit.

4. Comprehensive Testing: All electrical, memory, and functional capabilities are rigorously tested under simulated lab conditions to ensure that they will hold up in the real-world work environment.

We also run:

  • Solderability testing
  • XRF testing
  • Baking
  • Dry packing

Our testing process ensures that only the highest quality components end up in our stock.

Are You Struggling With?

Your Budget

The majority of our customers find it difficult to keep their older equipment in use as it is. The last thing you need is parts taking up more of that operating budget. Our dedication to finding the best quality parts at low prices helps give you breathing room where it matters most.

Meeting Lead Times

Knowing how long the production process takes is a key component of your business. So when you are playing the guessing game with how long your processes take, that eats away at your efficiency and productivity. Taking forever to find a part or not knowing how long it will take to get to your door only exacerbates the problem. Quickly locating the parts you need and knowing they’ll be at your door as quickly as possible will keep everything running smoothly.

Quality Issues

Whether you’re in the industrial, military, aerospace, or medical technology industry, everything comes down to quality. If your parts don’t work, your company doesn’t run. Even slight quality issues can cause massive drops in your end-product quality or level of service. Don’t fall victim to subpar parts any longer.

Since our inception in 1998, we have diligently supported the supply chains of OEMs, contract manufacturers, repair companies, and distributors worldwide. Our trusted chain of suppliers allows us to source the best parts worldwide and put an end to all of these issues.

We have High Speed FPGA Parts

Our Mission

At Direct Components, our mission is to pass the savings we’ve generated from our business model on to our clients and to provide the world’s industries with the parts they need at unbeatable prices. As a broad-line stocking distributor, we carry both active and passive parts from the biggest brands.

Our Brands

Over the ast 20 years, we have cultivated industry relationships with the biggest names. We specialize in semiconductors, memory, transistors, and resistors from:

  • Texas Instruments
  • Altera
  • Dallas/Maxim
  • Intel
  • Samsung
  • Cyprus
  • Fairchild Semiconductor
  • Hitachi
  • Vishay
  • Motorola
  • National Semiconductor

More than Just Products and Services – Inventory Management Services

Direct Components Inc. does more than just provide you with the best wholesale electronic components. We also provide surplus inventory management services to help you maintain a positive cash flow and reduce overhead expenses. We have a massive annual budget for purchasing your surplus inventory and putting it to good use around the world.

Stop letting your used inventory sit there and collect dust, and start earning good money rather than letting it go to waste. Whether you want to move large lots in one transaction or just focus on line-item purchases, we can help facilitate that for you easily.

Just submit your list in Excel format for consideration by our purchasing team and we’ll get the ball rolling. You’ll even receive and percentage of the sale of your materials.

Start Searching for High-Quality Components Now

Our database is simple enough that it can be searched with little to no experience. Get started today by searching our database of 50 MILLION parts. is the web’s largest directory of obsolete and hard to find parts from all of the biggest names. For the last two decades, we have made a reputation out of being able to find the parts that others can’t. Here you’ll find price, quality, and delivery times that can’t be beat!

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