Why Purchase Xilinx Parts?

Xilinx Inc. is one of the United States leading suppliers of programmable logic devices. The company carries a reputation of being an innovator in their field, with countless innovations over the last few decades. Chief among these is the fabless manufacturing model and the FPGA.
The company began in Silicon Valley in the 80s, and has steadily grown since. With headquarters in San Jose, Xilinx has grown to become a worldwide presence with offices on 4 continents. Locations include Dublin, Tokyo, Hyderabad, and Beijing. The company continues to grow into new markets to take advantage of top talent worldwide, and to stay on the forefront of technological advances.

Xilinx product lines include the following:

-Vivado Design Suite
-Artix Family Products
-Kintex Family Products
-Virtex Family Products
-Spartan Family Products
The company holds more than 3000 patents, and has led the programmable logic device industry in introducing more than 50 industry firsts. In 2017, the company specializes in FPGAs, 3DICs, and SOCs such as the XC9572-15PCG84C and the XC6VSX315T-3FFG1156C. They also hold a portfolio in All Programming models. Driven by a 5G wireless network, Xilinx parts are enabling smarter applications that fit any customer’s needs.

Creating a smarter world through electronics

Xilinx is leading the technology sector in taking on the demand for smarter, programmable software. They do so by continually optimizing their hardware to do 10X the work with lower power needs. Their components are compatible with all of today’s systems. They also work to create it’s own software development environments that make programming simpler across any system type.
The future is bright at Xilinx, because they are creating the future. For four decades now they have been at the forefront of creating programmable hardware that works for any type of customer. They look to continue this trend into the distant future.
If you want to stay on top of the technological world, then they want to help you. Take a look at their portfolio of products and computer components. You’re going to like what you see.