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Part Number: XC9572-15PC44C

Link to Datasheet

Manufacturer: Xilinx

Quantity Available: 1

Lifecycle: Obsolete

MSL: 3

Package Description: Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier

Pin Count: 44

Mounting Type: Surface Mount


Schedule B: 8542390000

RoHS: Not Compliant

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The Xilinx Part Numbers You Need From a Source That Global Industry Leaders Trust

Advanced logic gives you limitless options, and this is precisely why so many engineers find it remarkably appealing. The freedom to create custom devices without having to contend with the lower-level details or complex pitfalls of discrete components is a big draw — provided that you can find the right Xilinx part numbers to build your device around.

Sourcing parts in the Digital Age has its pros and cons, not the least of which is the fact that you don't always know whether the components you're getting are the real deal. Direct makes it possible to cut through the noise and find the Xilinx part numbers you need to create better performing, more marketable hardware.

Exploring Your Options With Xilinx Parts

Xilinx hardware appeals to more than just those who appreciate interesting brand names. As the inventor of the field programmable gate array, or FPGA, the company was one of the originators of the fabless manufacturing standards that dominate the modern applied logic industry.

Why could using Xilinx parts like XC9572-15PC44C be a good idea for your next project? In addition to FPGAs that can run embedded OSes and withstand severe environmental conditions, such as space radiation, these products are known for their durability and ease of use. Since its inception way back in the 1980s, the company has expanded to offer design services, tech support, IP cores and training that significantly lower the barriers to entry associated with producing complex data processing systems.

Using Xilinx parts may also be a wise choice for entrepreneurs and startups — Since the company offers a range of SoCs that integrate well with common microarchitectures, such as those in the ARM family, making the jump from prototype to implementation isn't as much of a leap into the unknown.

Find Xilinx Part Numbers Without the Headache

With more than three decades of history and a significant portion of the market share for programmable logic, Xilinx has produced countless ICs over the years. Naturally, it can be hard to navigate through this ocean of obsolete, limited-production and current products.

Fortunately, you've found Direct. With upwards of 50 million components in our easy-to-search database, you're certain to locate the right hardware no matter how specialized your needs may be. What's more, we've gone to great lengths to ensure that you always know what you're looking at. From datasheets and lifecycle information to current stock volumes and relevant development board identifiers, Direct gives you the knowledge to obtain the correct components as well as everything you need to adapt them to your application — and sidestep all-too-common scams.

Best of all, getting started couldn't be any easier. Try entering a part number, such as XC9572-15PC44C, in the search bar to instantly reveal data like mounting style, Schedule B export codes, pin counts and environmental compliance.

What Makes Direct Parts Better?

When you're building technology, shouldn't you begin with the best hardware? After all, you want your customers to view you as a superior producer, so it's worth investing in components that live up to their lofty expectations.

We stake our reputation on helping your work shine. Whether you're a maker or a business owner, you can depend on parts that are always
  • Verified by real humans using industry-standard decapsulation techniques, in-depth die comparisons, functional testing and pin correlation,
  • Accurately classified according to the correct manufacturer specs,
  • Baked, handled, dry packed and vacuum sealed as per the appropriate moisture sensitivity level, or MSL, guidelines and JEDEC memory standards,and
  • Consistently XRF tested and X-ray analyzed to confirm RoHS compliance and minimize defects.

You shouldn't have to wonder whether your device might fail in the field because you used a faulty component — or a cleverly disguised counterfeit. As passionate sourcing specialists and tech enthusiasts, we know how important it is to get things right the first time around. Buying Xilinx parts from Direct lets you leverage an ISO 9001/AS9120-compliant supply chain that promotes your organizational success at every level — even down to the nanometer scale.

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