Our People Are The Power Behind Our Success

Direct Component’s employees have been helping to build a foundation of excellence for over twenty years. They are the culture and identity of Direct Components, and they help shape our achievements and direction every day.

Leadership Team

Aaron Nursey

Founder & CEO

Roddy Premsukh


Mike Leonard

Director of Sales

Natalie Paull

Director of Quality Management

Traci Wright

Director of Customer Service

Tom Topping

Director of HR, People and Culture

Key Staff

Darius Barreto

Lab & Warehouse Manager

Mena Mikhail

Information Technology Manager​

Carlos Morejon

Interim Purchasing Manager

Latest News

Chip Supply Chain Chokehold

The Chip Supply Chain Chokehold

Semiconductors are integral to today’s modern world. Smartphones and computers are the most obvious objects that utilize semiconductors, but consider all manner of transportation, too.

Navigating a Worldwide Chip Shortage

Written by Aaron Nursey, Founder and CEO/President of Direct Components, Inc. The past two years have brought a unique set of challenges to businesses of